The Bride of Christ

Condition of the Old Man I

Your High Calling

 ​Serving the Lord

Mission of the Church

The Kingdom II

​​Volume II

The Kingdom I

We Know

Authority of the Lord II

Daily Living V

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Volume III

The Flock of God

Condition of the New Man I

Daily Living III

Volume IV

The Temple of God

Identity of the Church II

The Apostasy

What is your life? II

Worship of the Church I

Church Membership


Principles of the Gospel


The Household of God

Authority of the Lord I

Identity of the Church I

Nature of the Church Summary

Daily Living IV

Church Series

Condition of the New Man II

Church of Government

Daily Living II

Churches in the First Century.

What is your life? IV

This format has been used to  jot down notes, directions, or whatever to pass along to a contact. In the  event the "Notes" area is removed from the circular it will retain a scripture on the reverse side. 

Worship of the Church II

If you find the information useful print out the circular and write in your own personal contact information.

Condition of the New Man III


Church in Prophecy II

The Pillar and the Ground

Church in Prophecy I

Daily Living I

Nature of the Church II


Nature of the Church I

Condition of the Old Man II

What is your life? III

What is your life? I

Volume I

Doctrinal Unity

What is your life? V

The Kingdom III