Identity of the Church I

Complete in the Way

The Apostasy

Providence IV

Seeking Forgiveness I

Godliness III

​​Volume II

Worldliness I

We Know

Authority of the Lord II

Daily Living V

Dangers facing Christianity Intro

Birth of John/Christ

Immoral Living II

Sacrificing I

What God Requires I

Providence VI

God Responds to Moses I


Grace and Faith V

Lack of Repentance I

What is your life VI

How to Study the Bible IV

Matthew One

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Print one copy of the circular then return the copies to the printer  (face up) and reprint. Two copies of the circular will then be ready to fold.

Volume III

Grace and Faith II

Miracles of Jesus

Following His Steps III

Godliness I


Mission of the Church

The Kingdom II

Victory Thru Jesus IV

Grace and Faith I

Taking Time to Hear


Hebrews III

How to Study the Bible V

The Kingdom I

Giants of Faith

How to Study the Bible II

Falling Apart

Worldliness II


Proverbs I

Church Membership


Moral Laws I

Moral Laws II

Apathy II

Nature of the Church I



Personal Motivation I

Daily Living III

He Shall Be Great II.

God Responds to Moses II

Following His Steps II

Seeking Forgiveness II

What is your life? IV

Personal Study V

Worship of the Church I

Christian's Battle with Evil II

Volume I

Victory Thru Jesus I


Guarding Your Thoughts

What God Requires II

Grace and Faith III

Evangelism II

Lack of Seeking the Lost

About Covid-19

Ready to Give Answer

Reaching the Lost

Grace and Faith VII

Daily Living IV


Condition of the New Man I

What is your life? III

Evangelism I

Nature of the Church

What is your life? II

Personal Study I

Providence II

No Fear of the Lord

Providence VII

The Flock of God

Daily Living I

What's On Your Mind?

Godliness IV

Following His Steps I

This format has been used to  jot down notes, directions, or whatever to pass along to a contact. In the  event the "Notes" area is removed from the circular it will retain a scripture on the reverse side. 

Lack of Knowledge II

Your High Calling

Victory Thru Jesus II

Finding the Knowledge of God II

Daily Living II

Proverbs IV

Sacrificing II


Being Thankful

In the Beginning

In the Beginning

Grace and Faith VI

Condition of the New Man III

Condition of the New Man II

 ​Serving the Lord

Relationships & Responsibilities

Fall of Nations

Principles of the Gospel

He Shall Be Great

Worship of the Church II

Grace and Faith IV.

Church Series

(Dangers Continued)

Apathy I

Let Us Not Sleep

Churches in the First Century.

Godliness II

What's on the Line?

Why Sin Big Deal

Doctrinal Unity

Godliness VI

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Proverbs II

Hebrews II



Authority of the Lord I

Lack of Knowledge I

Condition of the Old Man II

Victory Thru Jesus V

Why Man Needs

Avenues of Sin

Providence V

Providence III


The Household of God

Personal Study IV

Lack of Repentance II

Personal Study III

Do we have faith?

Come and See


Do Your Own

Grace and Faith VIII

How to Study the Bible III

The Temple of God

Gospel Meeting

Providence IIIb

The Bride of Christ

Condition of the Old Man I

Victory Thru Jesus III


Volume IV

Suffer Hardship II

Identity of the Church II

The Kingdom III

Proverbs III

Christian's Battle with Evil I

Hebrews I

Personal Motivation II

Weak Leadership

Nature of the Church II

Personal Study I

Finding the Knowledge of God III

Immoral Living I

Doctrinal Ignorance

Godliness V

Church in Prophecy I

How to Study the Bible I

Finding the Knowledge of God I

Security in Jehovah

Proverbs V

Strange Things

Church of Government

What is your life? I

Know Your Bible

Church in Prophecy II

The Pillar and the Ground

Suffer Hardship I

What God Requires III


Personal Motivation III

What is your life? V